Optimal Dates for ordering Soccer Equipment

Every season, THOUSANDS of soccer organizations across the country are ordering soccer equipment. With the fall season quickly approaching, it’s important to place your soccer equipment while supplies last.

But when is the best time to order soccer equipment?

With most fall seasons beginning in early September, here is when we recommend you place your soccer equipment order:

Optimal: late-July
If you place your equipment order before August, you should not have any issues getting all of the equipment delivered well before the start of the fall season. Even if you need some products that are on backorder, you have plenty of time before the start of the season to account for that backorder.
Good: early-August
Placing your equipment order in early-August will allow for a mid-August delivery for most of your soccer equipment, while still giving you time to account for most backorders. This will give you time to sort, distribute, and set up equipment as needed before the start of the fall season.
Last chance: late-August.
You’re cutting it close by ordering in late-August. Backorders could be an issue when ordering this close to the fall season, especially considering that most soccer organizations will have ordered their equipment by now, causing potential inventory issues for the popular soccer products. While ordering in late-August is still an option, you may not have all of your soccer equipment in time for the first game.

Product specific notes:
  • Soccer goals: soccer goals should be ordered well in advance of the start of the season for a few reasons:
      • Soccer goals usually are not as well stocked as other products.
      • Soccer goals are one of the most popular products that people order, and organizations tend to order soccer goals more often before the fall season vs the spring season.
      • Soccer goals take longer to be delivered. Most soccer goals require a freight delivery, which generally takes a few more days than a standard ground delivery from UPS or FedEx. Freight deliveries are also more prone to delivery issues and delays.
  • Field paint: currently (as of July 2022) there is a shortage of aerosol athletic paint in the United States. While we currently have a well-stocked selection of field paint at SoccerZebra.com, inventory levels rapidly decrease as we get closer to the start of the fall season.

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